PostgreSQL Advanced

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PostgreSQL is an incredibly flexible and reliable open source relational database, and with many advanced functionalities it is not inferior to a large enterprise players like eg. Oracle. PostgreSQL is not only a system for managing databases. It can be considered an "application development framework", with added support for transactions, storing large amounts of data, journaling, recovery and many other functionalities. When you learn how to harness all the power of PostgreSQL your applications will get more reliable and scalable - without any additional expenses. Using PostgreSQL's advanced features will reduce you workload and increase performance, but only if you learn how to set it up correctly and use cleverly. We will teach you how to be a database architect who knows how to build a scalable and optimized PostgreSQL server system.


We start with the essential concepts like different ways of installating the PostgreSQL. Thereby we are learning and getting to know all the theoretical aspects as well as the architecture, concurrency and management transactions of PostgreSQL. After that, we will learn how to set up replication, use load balancing for scaling horizontally, and how to find problems in your solutions before they catch up. Finally, you will learn the use of excellent tools available in the PostgreSQL ecosystem used to analyze the PostgreSQL logs, set up load balancing, and data recovery.

Target audience

Education is intended for IT professionals who already have a basic experience of working with PostgreSQL, they want to raise the level of their knowledge and become an advanced PostgreSQL Data Architect.

  • Content
    •    Compile PostgreSQL from source and understand the PostgreSQL architecture
    •    Configure parameters and change default settings for a PostgreSQL server
    •    Leverage the logging mechanism to identify errors and suboptimal queries
    •    Use replication to scale horizontally
    •    Set up backup and recovery processes
    •    Tweak parameters to optimize queries and processes
    •    Troubleshoot connection errors
    •    Use indexes and rewrite queries to improve performance
    •    Install and use PostgreSQL extensions
    •    Learn how to leverage the command-line client (psql)
  • This seminar is a logical continuation of the seminar PostgreSQL Essentials.
  • Bernard Toplak
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21. listopad 2024. - 24. listopad 2024.

  • Cijena: 1.353€ + PDV
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