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The Manufacturing module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV has existed for almost 17 years. A quick estimate says that around 10% of the about 100.000 installed Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions use the Manufacturing solution. Despite this there are almost no comprehensive trainings on the subject.

The Dynamics Manufacturing academy is intended for existing users of this Dynamics module and for new one. The purpose is to process all the functionalities and options offered by the system, to process all the necessary phases and steps for the successful implementation, upgrading, maintenance and development of the manufacturing module.

These skills are a fundamental and necessary condition for quality management of the manufacturing module in the Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Goal of this training is to transfer comprehensive knowledge about the manufacturing module to all customers running the Manufacturing module and all consultants, both new and experienced, who will need to setup, maintain and develope the system.

Participants of the Dynamics manufacturing academy:

  • IT employees responsible for Dynamics ERP system and Dynamics manufacturing system.
  • Those responsible in production who cooperate with IT in the design, implementation and management of manufacturing IT solutions.
  • Consultants.
  • Developers of manufacturing solutions.

The greatest benefits from the academy are gained by participants who already use the Dynamics manufacturing solution, but have open questions, bottlenecks, problems and dilemmas regarding the appropriateness of the solution development and further steps.

The academy runs on a system of lectures and exercises. 50% are exercises in a laboratory environment.
The author of the book Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, at the academy, he processes the entire content of the book with the students and performs laboratory exercises for all substantive parts.

Secton one (one day) contains:

  • Introduction to the Manufacturing module
  • Manufacturing Setup and system setup related to the manufacturing module
  • Planning

Section two (two days) contains:

  • Item setup
  • Bills-of-materials
  • Capacities
  • Routings
  • Families
  • Creating manual Production Orders
  • Processing Production Orders
  • Flushing time and materials

Section three (one day):

  • Using Order Promising and manufacturing
  • Planning from a production order
  • Creating production orders from sales orders
  • Order Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Blanket Orders

Dynamics manufacturing academy Labs:

  • 78 labs for the Manufacturing academy. 
  • Based on Dynamics NAV 2017 but suitable for all versions of Dynamics NAV and Business Central.

The link under the section "product description" describes all the exercises that will be held at the academy.


Detailed content of the academy, divided by chapters and sections (based on the book it is based on):

1) Introduction

  • My Manufacturing Debut
  • The History of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing module
  • Which methodologies does Dynamics NAV support
  • Lean Manufacturing in Dynamics NAV
  • Agile Manufacturing in Dynamics NAV
  • Manufacturing methods covered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Document and product flow of the Dynamics NAV Manufacturing solution
  • General overview of the Dynamics NAV manufacturing solution
  • Which Dynamics NAV solution should we choose
  • Useful tools when navigating Dynamics NAV

2) Setting up the system to work with manufacturing

  • Finance
  • Items
  • Stockkeeping units
  • Locations
  • Order Promising
  • Manufacturing module Setup
  • Warehouse Management module

3) Roletailoring manufacturing

  • Roletailoring in general
  • The Role Center
  • Customizing Pages
  • Customizing the Role Center
  • Customizing List Pages
  • Customizing Card Pages
  • Quick Entry
  • Role: Production Planner
  • Role: Machine Operator - Manufacturing Comprehensive
  • Role: Shop Supervisor - Manufacturing Comprehensive
  • Role: Shop Supervisor - Manufacturing Foundation

4) Production bill of materials

  • Introduction to production bill of materials
  • Creating single-level production bill of materials
  • Creating multi-level production bill of materials
  • Using phantom production bill of materials
  • Using Routing Links in bill of materials
  • Which reports gives me information about Production Bill-of Materials
  • Additional Production bill of materials functionality

5) Capacities

  • Introduction to capacities
  • Setting up capacities
  • Setting up work centers
  • Setting up prod. Resources
  • Which Reports gives me information about Capacities
  • Additional Capacities Functionality

6) Production Routings

  • Introduction to Routing
  • Flushing Methods for time consumption
  • Setting up Serial Routing
  • Setting up Parallel Routing
  • Using Routing Links in Routing
  • Which reports gives me information about Routings

7) Using Families

  • Introduction to Families
  • Setting up Families
  • The Family on the Production Order

8) Production Orders

  • Introduction to Production Orders
  • The Production Order
    The different Production Order Status
  • Creating manual Production Orders
  • Changing the Production Order Status
  • Additional Production Orders Functionality
  • Changing Components
  • Changing Routings
  • Item Tracking
  • Which reports can be used to get information about Production Orders

9) Forecasting the production

  • Introduction to forecasts
  • Setting up Production Forecast
  • Forecasts versus Blanket orders
  • Which reports gives me information about Production Forecasts

10) Planning the production

  • Introduction to planning
  • Which Planning System should I Choose
  • Simulations
  • Planning from Production Orders
  • Planning from Sales Orders
  • Using Order Planning
  • Using the Planning worksheet
  • Subcontracting
  • Order Tracking and Action Messaging
  • Item Variants
  • Multiple Locations
  • Transfer between locations
  • Which reports can be used to get information about Planning

11) Shop Loading

  • Introduction to Shop Loading
  • Resource Capacity
  • Loading of Capacities
  • The Production Schedule
  • Planning from Production Orders
  • Planning Flexibility
  • Finite Loading
  • Which reports can be used to get information about the Shop Loading

12) Processing Production Orders

  • Introduction to the Processing of the Production Orders
  • Using the Production Journal
  • Using the Consumption Journal
  • Using the Output Journal
  • Subcontracting
  • Integration with Warehouse Management
  • Item Tracking
  • Which reports can be used to get information about the status of Production Orders

13) Finishing Production Orders

  • How to Finish Production Orders
  • Using the Flushing Methods

14) Costing

  • Introduction the costing of the Manufacturing Module
  • The Inventory Batch process
  • Cost Roll-up
  • Pre calculation of the Production Orders
  • Deep Dive into the content of the WIP
  • Post calculation of the Production Orders
  • Which reports can be used to get information about the costing of Production Orders

15) Shortcomings of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing module

  • Canceling an active production order
  • What happened to the Production Schedule?
  • Subcontractor item flow documents
  • Multiple active versions of Bill of Materials for the same Item
  • Multiple active versions of Routings for the same Item

16) Small changes to the system that could make your life easier

  • Manual Material Planning Window
  • Combining the Capable-to-promise functionality and the create production order from sales order
  • Change so planning finite capacities does not fragment operations
  • Production Journal per operation not production order.
  • Function to cancel production order and reverse transactions
  • Route fact box for the production order page and the planning page
  • BOM fact box for the production order page and the planning page
  • Expandable Post calculation report
  • Skills matrix using machine centers, operations and standard task


a) Considerations before implementing the Dynamics NAV manufacturing solution

  • Production overview
  • Item checklist
  • Production resources
  • Production Bill-of-Material checklist
  • Routing checklist
  • Production checklist
  • Planning checklist
  • Reporting time and material checklist
  • Integration checklist
  • Reporting Checklist
  • Good knowledge of information systems and technology.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft technologies.
  • Some knowledge and experience with ERP systems.
  • Knowledge of production processes is an advantage, but not a prerequisite.
  • Knowledge of Dynamics NAV or 365 BC is not required.

There is no certification at Microsoft for this modul of Dynamics.

Peik Bech-Andersen

Author's books about Dynamics manufacturing

(all students get books at the academy)


I am a solution architect and senior developer stationed in Denmark, implementing solutions all-over the world, specializing in advanced manufacturing combined with master data replication and Intercompany solutions.

I first saw Navision in 1984 at the beta testing program of PcPlus. I started implementing manufacturing solutions in 1983 on IBM S/36 systems. Since the Dynamics NAV manufacturing module was released, I have implemented at least 50 Manufacturing solutions in all kinds of different businesses. Starting as an accountant in a production company and moving on to implementing systems, I have both the accounting, the development and the implementation background.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I have conducted courses the last 10 years in topics like Dynamics NAV programming, installation, finance, trade, warehouse management and manufacturing. During the 10 years, I have had around 150 courses with at least 800 participants in 14 countries. I maintain a blog in where I writes about both programming, installation and application topics. Usually topics discussed during courses or customer implementations.

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