Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer&support Academy

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Stupanj:For IT professionals
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In collaboration with top-notch experts in Dynamics NAV we have prepared a package of training for IT staff and developers who need a more detailed knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. With knowledge of this content, IT staff understands and knows how to support the use of the solution, works well with the developer of the solution and successfully controls the quality, costs and deadlines of the external contractor. For future developers, this program is the entry point of their career development and their start of serious work in the Dynamics environment. The program is also an opportunity for a new career in the ERP Dynamics environment, which is one of the most perceptive and fast-growing in the IT industry.

The program covers clean bases, all the way to the most advanced development skills.

For whom is the Dynamics NAV academy intended:

  • All informatics who want to obtain support and development competences for Dynamics NAV.
  • All informatics looking for career opportunities in Microsoft Dynamics solutions.
  • Professionals working on a functional part of Dynamics NAV and want to redirect to the development area.
  • The price includes lunch, snacks and beverages.

* Prices are free of VAT.
* Education is not included in the NLT membership fee.

The package contains 3 weeks of training.


Week 1

  • Introduction in Microsoft Dynamics 365BC, 1 day, 1st week
  • Finance Essentials in Microsoft Dynamics 365BC, 1,5 days, 1st week
  • Application Setup in Microsoft Dynamics 365BC, 0,5 day, 1st week


  • What is ERP?
  • History of the product
  • Architecture
  • Help sites and links
  • Security
  • Objects (ranges)
  • Interface
  • Personalisation

Functional Scope

  • General ledger
  • Financial postings
  • Dimensions
  • Navigate
  • Trade transactions
  • Inventory Mgt.
  • Warehouse Mgt.
  • CRM

Application Setup

  • Rapid Start
  • Setup New company
  • User rights Profiles
  • Number Series
  • Trail Codes


Week 2 - NAV/BC programming basics

  • Table and Page Design
  • The (C) AL programming language
  • Report and Query Design
  • Installation matters


Week 3 - Solution Development

  • Standard data model, development standards and design patterns
  • Document and journal posting
  • Navigating historical data
  • Dimensions
  • Embedding in client
  • Debugging
  • Data and code upgrade
  • Advanced reporting

Participants should have:

  • basic knowledge of programming,
  • good knowledge of information systems and technologies,
  • basic knowledge of Microsoft technologies.
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