Course 55340DV: Advanced Concepts of C#

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Stupanj:For IT professionals
Predavatelji:Toni Njirić
Brend:Microsoft partner
Kategorija brenda:Microsoft .NET Framework
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This instructor-led Advanced C# Programming training course will enhance your C# programming skills with advanced features of C#. You will learn to develop applications using .NET Framework with C# and Visual Studio. The course includes object oriented concepts, interfaces, delegates & events, boxing & unboxing, attributes, collection, generic and threading.

About this course

  • Gain knowledge and advanced techniques of the programming language C#.
  • Gain know-how of important basic technologies of the .NET framework.
  • Be able to design, create and maintain your own programs.

Audience profile

This course is aimed at developers who have already have some experience with C# or who already know Java or C++ very well.

Skills gained


Course outline

  1. Collections and Generics
  2. Assemblies and GAC
  3. Exception Handling
  4. IO Streams
  5. Unsage Code
  6. Reflection and Attributes
  7. Pre-Defined Attributes
  8. Custom Attributes
  9. More on Classes
  10. Partial Classes and Methods
  11. Extension Methods
  12. Anonymous Types and Tuple
  13. App. Configuration File
  14. New features in C#6.0!
  15. WinForm Working with Controls
  16. Container Control
  17. Graphics and GDI Objects
  18. Menu types ( Strip, Context Menu Strip, Tool and Status Strip )
  19. Model Dialog and Notepad Application
  20. MDI Interface
  21. Form Inheritance
  22. Login Segment Addition to App
  23. Resources and Settings
  24. Database Programming Using ADO.NET
  25. Installing SQL Server and Management Studio
  26. Connection with Database and Connection Pooling
  27. Datbase CRUD
  28. Login implementation to Application
  29. Multiple Active Result sets
  30. Prepared Statements and Stored Procedures - DB Security
  31. Database Transactions aand DTC
  32. Async Execution of SQL Commands
  33. Data table management
  34. DataAapter Events
  35. Optimistic Concurrency
  36. Sorting and Filtering Data View
  37. N-Tier Layered Architecture Applications
  38. N-tier Architecture and Role of Each Layer
  39. Development of N-Tier Architecture App
  40. Developing GUI for App
  41. Windows Services
  42. Develop, Deploy and Launch Windows Service
  43. Service Controller App
  44. Delegates & Events
  45. User Control and Custom Control
  46. Inheriting User Control
  47. Custom Control
  48. Multithreading
  49. Debugging and Diagnostics


This course is intended for experienced developers who already have programming experience in C#. This course is not designed for students who are new to programming.

Course 55339AC: Programming in C# or equivalent knowledge.

No certification is available for this course.

Toni Njirić

Toni Njirić

Founder and OwnerFounder and Owner: EZ-Booker

Lecturer at Rochester Institute of Technology

Currently Teaching:

  • Database Connectivity and Access
  • Client Programming
  • Application Development Practices
  • Web Server Development And Administration
  • Networking Essentials For Developers
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  • Cijena: 2.350€ + PDV
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