Citrix NetScaler 12.x Essentials and Traffic Management

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Build your NetScaler knowledge and skills by enrolling in this five-day course. It covers NetScaler essentials-- platforms, architecture, licensing and functionality – and also focuses on traffic management, including content switching, traffic optimization and global server load balancing (GSLB). You will learn about key NetScaler capabilities such as high availability, security and performance, and explore SSL offload, load balancing and monitoring. The traffic management curriculum will cover AppExpert policy engines, the Rewrite and Responder features, content switching, and Security Insight. The course is designed for IT professionals with little or no NetScaler experience.


Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:
•    Identify the functionality and capabilities of the NetScaler
•    Explain basic NetScaler network architecture
•    Obtain, install, and manage NetScaler licenses
•    Explain how SSL is used to secure the NetScaler
•    Optimize the NetScaler system for traffic handling and management
•    Customize the NetScaler system for traffic flow and content-specific requirements
•    Demonstrate monitoring and reporting through native NetScaler logging tools
•    Employ recommended tools and techniques to troubleshoot common NetScaler network and connectivity issues
•    Implement NetScaler TriScale technology, including clustering
•    Configure advanced load balancing and GSLB on the NetScaler system
•    Identify the functionality and characteristics of the NetScaler SDX platform

Preparatory Recommendations

Before taking this course, Citrix recommends that students have the following:

A basic knowledge of the purpose and goals of virtualization technology

An understanding of computing architecture, including network and storage devices, device drivers and operating systems

Basic experience installing and administering Windows Server 2008 R2

Basic understanding of server, desktop and application virtualization concepts

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11. listopad 2021. - 15. listopad 2021.

  • Cijena: 9.525kn + PDV
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  • 11.10.2021., 08:00-16:00
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