BC490: ABAP Performance Tuning

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Kategorija brenda:SAP NetWeaver platform
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Gain the knowledge necessary to identify and improve performance issues in ABAP programs. Understand the basics of ABAP related Basis functionality and architecture and learn how to optimize performance in your ABAP applications.


  • Learn to monitor and analyze the performance of ABAP programs in context with the system resources.
  • Learn to optimize database accesses and ABAP processing.
  • Learn to work with essential tools like ABAP run time analysis, SQLM and SQL trace, workload analysis, code inspector, etc.
  • Learn the basics of SAP Memory Management in context with ABAP programming


  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Technology Consultant

Course based on software release

  • SAP ECC 6.07
  • ADT 2.13 (ABAP Development Tools)


Architecture of SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) ABAP

  • Outlining the Architecture of SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP

Memory Management

  • Identifying Memory Areas
  • Analyzing Memory Allocation
  • Defining the architecture of a work process
  • Analyzing Memory Consumption
  • Analyzing ABAP Reports at Design Time

Performance Analysis

  • Outlining the Components of a Dialog Step
  • Analyzing the Components of a Dialog Step with Transaction STAD
  • Measuring Times in ABAP Reports

Database Access

  • Measuring Performance Aspects of a Database
  • Searching for Expensive SQL Statements at Runtime
  • Analyzing Expensive SQL Statements at Runtime
  • Understanding Database Index Access
  • Using Database Indexes
  • Creating Database Indexes
  • Analyzing Previous Database Accesses

Programming Database Access

  • Accessing Single Database Tables
  • Accessing Multiple Database Tables
  • Describing Performance when Accessing Multiple Database Tables

Data Buffering

  • Defining Buffering on Database Tables
  • Performing Buffering on Database Tables
  • Analyzing Table Buffering
  • Monitoring the Content of the Table Buffers

Buffering Data Objects

  • Creating Buffer Modules
  • Using Shared Memory, Shared Buffer and Shared Objects
  • Using ABAP Shared Objects

Internal Tables

  • Defining Internal Tables
  • Accessing Internal Tables
  • Outlining Advanced Topics with Internal Tables
  • Analyzing ABAP Reports at Runtime

Remote Function Calls

  • Outlining the Basics of Remote Function Calls (RFC)
  • Analyzing synchronous RFCs
  • Analyzing UI-related RFCs
  • Analyzing asynchronous RFCs




  • BC400 ABAP Workbench Foundations
  • Programming experience in ABAP


  • SAPTEC Fundamentals of SAP NetWeaver Application Server
  • BC401 ABAP Objects
  • BC430 ABAP Data Dictionary
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